3 tips for staying motivated when learning English

In many ways it’s easier to stay motivated when you’re an independent English learner because you are in charge of your learning, and you are deciding what you’re going to learn, and when, and how. But even when we love doing something our levels of motivation naturally go up and down. Some days, nothing can […]

Twitter hashtags for English language learners

A hashtag is # added to a word, with no spaces. For example: #grammar People use hashtags in their Twitter messages (tweets) to mark keywords or topics and help them show up more easily in Twitter search. Hashtags are an excellent way to discover opportunities to join conversations with other people learning English and with […]

7 ways to make time for learning English

Do you find it difficult to find the time for learning English? With a job, family, hobbies, and social life it’s very easy to feel we just don’t have any spare time for anything else. I know I feel like this sometimes. And I’m not going to pretend that I never waste time, because I […]

Improve your English: the possessive apostrophe

  The possessive apostrophe is a punctuation mark (‘) used to show possession: to show that something belongs to someone or something. Apostrophes were first used to mark possession in the late 16th century, but without clear guidelines they continued to be used inconsistently for centuries. We have clear rules for their use now but […]

List of useful language exchange websites

Many learners of English find it difficult to practise and improve their spoken English. Fortunately there are many free language exchange websites where you can find language partners – people who want to learn your language, and who are native or fluent English speakers. Find someone who you are comfortable with and you enjoy talking […]

What is independent language learning?

I love teaching English. I love almost everything about it, except for one big problem that affects many English teachers and learners… the price of good-quality English lessons. I want to help as many people as I can to learn English, and at the same time support my family and pay my bills, but many […]

Staying motivated when learning [Quotes]

It’s not unusual to have a bad week where you just don’t feel like studying English at all – even if you’re normally very enthusiastic about improving your English skills! So, what can you do to give your motivation a boost? Many people find that quotes can inspire them and help them through the bad […]

Test your English level online

If you’d like to have an idea of your English level and the progress you’re making, this selection of websites will help. It includes sites providing grammar, vocabulary, and spelling tests; and some sites even tell you which English exam may be best for you Anyone can add to this list so if you have […]

Benefits of learning languages

Being able to speak more than one language has many benefits. It can improve your career prospects and increase your knowledge of other cultures; and it’s also said to improve your academic and multi-tasking skills. And according to this interesting research from Kaplan, bilingual people are sexy 🙂 Do you agree? How many languages can […]

Best IELTS websites

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is accepted as evidence of English language proficiency by over 8,000 organisations worldwide. Last year, more than 2 million tests were taken globally. IELTS demonstrates your ability to communicate well in English for education, immigration and professional accreditation (information from www.ielts.org). Here’s my list of some of the best online sites […]