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Improve your English: how to use definite and indefinite articles

Indefinite articles: ‘a’ or ‘an’ The two indefinite articles in English are ‘a’ and ‘an’. They are only used before count nouns, and they are used to modify non-specific nouns. Examples: 1. He ate an apple. (We don’t know which apple he ate) 2. Let’s watch a DVD. (We don’t yet know which DVD) 3. […]

How to write the time

  Do you sometimes feel a bit confused about how to write the time? This short post will help 🙂   a.m. is short for ante meridiem – Latin for before midday p.m. is short for post meridiem – Latin for after midday   a.m. and p.m. are written in lower case with two points […]

Oh My! idioms

It’s amazing what little treasures you can sometimes find on Pinterest – a few days ago someone shared this wonderful video from Oh My! It’s a collection of short illustrations of nine English idioms that are frequently used in everyday speech – see if you can guess the idioms from the scenes. One or two […]

Wordless Wednesday #4

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