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Dream vocabulary

dream (noun) – things such as thoughts, images, or emotions that you experience in your mind while you are sleeping ♦ Last night I had a strange dream about a parrot called Claude.   dream (noun) a dream is something good that you want to happen very much I have a dream that my four […]

Weekly language learning roundup – September 08, 2014

Here are just three of the interesting language-related articles I’ve read this past week – well actually, one of them is a video 🙂 I hope you find them interesting and useful.   Swedish boys learning English from World of Warcraft On I read about a recent study by Swedish academics that has shown […]

What is a phrasal verb?

An introduction to English phrasal verbs   Here’s a slideshow I made to explain some aspects of English phrasal verbs. I hope it’s useful 🙂   What are phrasal verbs? from Angela Boothroyd      

8 easy ways to learn phrasal verbs

Many learners of English say they’re worried about learning phrasal verbs. I don’t think there’s any real reason to be worried. I know they can be a little confusing sometimes, but the best thing to do is to think of each phrasal verb as a single word with a specific meaning, and then learn them […]

Jargon words and phrases

jargon (noun) British/UK English pronunciation: /ˈdʒɑː(r)ɡən/ American English pronunciation: /ˈdʒɑrɡən/ from Old French jargoun   The Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology  (my favourite etymology guide) has these definitions for jargon: meaningless talk speech specific to a trade or profession twittering or chattering of birds debased or hybrid language It’s one or both of the first […]

Almost wordless Wednesday #5

            How do these images make you feel? Does summer look like this in your country? Practise your English by answering the questions or leaving a comment 🙂    

Phrasal verb: bend over backwards

To bend over backwards is to make a special effort for someone or something. Informal English.   Example sentences 1. She bent over backwards to give the children a good Christmas. 2. We bent over backwards to help him when he lost his job. 3. He bent over backwards for his son, but never had […]

Weekly language learning roundup – September 01, 2014

Every week I read many blog posts, news articles, and other content about the English language, learning English, and language learning in general. I share a lot of this content on my Twitter, G+ and Pinterest accounts, and from this week I’m going to share some of my favourite posts in a weekly roundup here […]