Phrasal verb: mull over

  To mull over something (or mull something over) is to think very carefully about something over a period of time – usually before making a decision.   British/UK English pronunciation: mull over /ˈmʌl ˈoʊ·vər/   Examples of use: 1. We need time to mull things over before we decide how to move forward with […]

Improve your English: how to use definite and indefinite articles

Indefinite articles: ‘a’ or ‘an’ The two indefinite articles in English are ‘a’ and ‘an’. They are only used before count nouns, and they are used to modify non-specific nouns. Examples: 1. He ate an apple. (We don’t know which apple he ate) 2. Let’s watch a DVD. (We don’t yet know which DVD) 3. […]

50 common phrasal verbs

Using phrasal verbs (multi-word verbs) in your informal speech makes it sound more natural and more accomplished. They are also common in written English and in some formal English. Here are 50 of the most frequently used phrasal verbs, with lots of examples showing you how they’re used in everyday life. 50 common English phrasal […]

Introduction to adverbs

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, and whole sentences. They do not modify nouns. Adverbs give us more information and describe the way something happens or happened. They can tell us things such as how, when and where something happens, and to what extent or under what conditions.   Many adverbs end […]