Active Comments = Conversation = Visibility (Updated for 2020)

Updated for 2020.  Welcome to the Botanical Linguist, today we have a guest post from Sarah Arrow from Content Nitro about commenting on blog posts and social media sites.

The post is part of her 30-day blogging challenge, you can find joining details at the end of this post.

There’s also a free content roadmap at the end of the post.


Why do blog owners leave comments on other people’s posts?

30 Day Blogging Challenge 2020 Edition

In the first email of the blogging challenge, we’ve encouraged you to comment on blog posts, ask questions in the Facebook group and like and comment on the posts there.

But why?

Surely writing and publishing 30 consecutive blog posts is enough!


Commenting increases your visibility!


Several people in the Facebook group have already worked out that by commenting on the posts in the emails they’re more visible.

Why are they more visible?

Because people click through to read the article, scroll down and see the comments. They’re now more visible, but they’re also increasing links to their site in a non-spammy way.

Commenting in the Facebook group pushes up the content, and it gets seen by more people.

Liking other people’s posts means more likes show on the post’s Facebook share counter, so your social proof is increased!


Commenting on other people’s posts also increases your visibility.


Comments increase your visibility tremendously, not just to search engines, but to the people who read the blog posts.

But not all comments are equal, and we’ll get onto that in a minute, but first you need to search out other blogs in your industry to comment on.

Why? When you comment on blogs in your niche, then you’ll become visible to potential customers.

If you don’t have a feed reader already, grab one at It’s free. Here you can add all the feeds to other blogs and keep track of them in one place.

I have my Feedly app on my tablet and I read it at the end of the day, you can add the Feedly app to any device or browser.

How do you find blog feeds? Check the blog itself. Often people advertise their feeds. If they don’t you can use a Chrome browser extension to locate the feed, and then add it to Feedly. You can also search Feedly for topics and save them to read.

Each day, spend a few minutes checking your feeds. You’ll need to add around 50, because not everyone updates on a weekly basis and not every article is one you can comment on. When you see one you can comment on, click through and comment. Easy.

I mentioned earlier that I have my feeds on my tablet, I keep them there to manage them easier. I do a lot of my commenting when I’m in a queue waiting for something or when I’m in the car (but not when I’m driving of course).

Travelling time is a great time to catch up on all the commenting that needs to be done, and time that would otherwise be wasted.


Are all comments equal?


Social comments, like Facebook comments are good for generating traffic.

When you comment you have the option to post the comment to your Facebook wall. This brings in more traffic to the blog you’ve commented on, and makes you visible on their blog.

All the benefits of this type of commenting are with the blogger and not the commenter.


Social commenting systems:

All of these allow you to login and use your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account to leave a comment.

Your blog doesn’t really benefit but you will increase your connections. People see the comment and visit your social media profile.

The main bonus to using one of these systems is that the spam is reduced on your blog, but the downside is sometimes they chew comments up or mark you as a spammer, and the blog owner doesn’t always know how to fish you out of the spam filter.


Native Comments:

When you are asked to comment and leave your name, email address and website details, then that’s a native commenting system.

This benefits you, as your name is linked to your website. When someone clicks on your name they’re taken to your website instead of one of your social media profiles.

Sometimes you’ll find a native commenting system that uses Comment Luv, like Angela does here, this means underneath your comment will be a link to your last post, so you get two links with your comment on these sites.

A lot of commenters prefer these sites as they get extra visibility.

You need a blend of all of the above, but native commenting systems tend to benefit you more than the social commenting systems.


Quick recap


  • Comments = Visibility
  • Not all comments are equal
  • Add Feeds to your reader, more feeds as people don’t update as often as they should
  • Choose sites to comment on where you’ll get the most benefits


How to Comment Effectively


Your mantra should be “praise in public, punish in private”.

If your comment is to correct the blogger, then do so in private i.e. by email or private message. A good blogger will thank you for this; you’ve not embarrassed them on their own site.

This doesn’t mean your comments should be sycophantic, but they most certainly shouldn’t provoke a war.

I’ve seen this happen too many times and actively make a point not to visit blogs where fighting and name-calling in the comments happen.

Comments like “great post” will make you look like a spammer.

The best way to comment is to take one section of the post and formulate a comment around it. Ask a question in your comment and you’ll get a response. This starts a conversation and is great networking!


How often should you comment?


If you share a target audience with the other blogger you should comment on pretty much every post.

Aim to comment on 10 different posts a week. Commenting is something you can do when you’re procrastinating, when you’re waiting for something, during commercials etc.

If you’re using commenting for networking purposes, then you may want to schedule specific times to leave comments.


What if I get more comments on social media than my blog?


People tend not to leave the platform of their choice so they will comment on your content without reading and based on your headline. You can encourage the clickthrough by asking them a question:

Thanks Jane, yes, it’s a great headline what did you think of the statistics?

Now Jane must go and take a look and see what you’re talking about. And so will other people.

Should I Leave the Link in Comments Instead of Just Sharing the Link On Social Media?

Good question. There’s a long answer for this, so buckle up…

The research was done by someone with over a million fans on Facebook. They found they had better reach when they put the link in the comments. The difference was 1%.

Think about how many fans you have at the moment. I have 3,000. 1% is 30.

So that means when I share a link that’s not in the comments 27 out of 30 potential see it instead of a full 30%. When I do this I’m limiting the shareability of my content.

When the link is in the comment the post doesn’t get shared. When it’s the link on its own with a little call to action to share/comment then you can be shared and this increases your visibility.

I can understand the link in the comments when you have a million fans. 1% is a big chunk not seeing your content.

However, this blanket statement that your link has to be in the comments in order for you to be seen doesn’t increase your visibility by much (3 people if you have 3,000 likes) and limits your potential to be shared.

Comments increase your visibility on your blog, on social media and in the search engines. The best way to get comments is to go out and comment…

Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


P.S. you can join the 30 day blogging challenge here.




  1. Thanks for this useful advice, Sarah. My approach to commenting can be a bit hit and miss and I’d like to make it more organized. I’ll have a look at Feedly.

    Definitely agree with you about suggesting corrections by private message or email.

    • I find Feedly very simple and effective.

      “Punishing” in public doesn’t serve anyone, or make the blog owner feel good. It might make the commenter feel good, but they’ll always be remembered as a mean person. I’ve worked with someone who said everyone who commented and didn’t agree with her was mean, and she refused to publish those comments. It was a tough habit to break her from.

      PS thank you so much for hosting me for this stage of the challenge 🙂
      Sarah Arrows recently posted..Calls to Action: Persuading Readers to Take ActionMy Profile

    • I agree with Angela, thanks Sarah, for this great information. I’m getting a Feedly account and will start to focus on commenting right away. It’s so good to hear you talk about giving negative feedback privately. It makes a lot of sense and I wish more people follow this as a matter of courtesy.
      Tree recently posted..Use Automatic to Trump your WillpowerMy Profile

  2. Thanks Sarah. A brief foray into Feedly raised an interesting how-to question i.e. How to get my website to appear in the Feedly list when someone searches under gluten-free or gluten free. If I can achieve this then I will increase my visibility in that way too.
    Judy recently posted..7 Top Tips To Turbo-Charge Your Gluten-Free Food InspirationMy Profile

  3. I agree that comment helps to build up a community.
    I either check my Facebook feed or use Bloglovin.

    Great way to keep up with the blogs I enjoy 🙂
    Victoria Virgo recently posted..Q & A Mail Day – How Do You Deal with Multiple Websites & Multiple Email Addresses?My Profile

  4. I used to use Feedly a lot so much get back into the habit, but it changed format a while ago and I lost a lot of my blog lists for some reason. Will make this Sunday evening’s task!
    Jenny Andersson recently posted..A Challenge WordcloudMy Profile

  5. Some very useful information, Sarah. Thank you. I’ve used bloglovin’ as my blog reader for a while, I’d not heard of feedly. Maybe I should check it out.
    Fiona Sefton recently posted..Great Yorkshire Run 10KMy Profile

  6. Hmm Sarah, I never thought of it like that at all – how silly am I? I’ve really enjoyed reading some blogs but its difficult finding the time! 🙂 Thankfully I haven’t found the need to “punish” anyone in their blogs!

  7. Hi Sarah

    I do use feedly but I need to set up my feeds a bit more comprehensively I think… 🙂
    Paula Jones recently posted..Want to stop being scared in your business?My Profile

  8. Thank you so much for this useful advice. I actually just started using blog login to keep track of my blogs I like to follow. Is that sort of the same thing as freedly?

  9. I have no system for reading and commenting on blog posts I am just rather haphazard about it all so I now intend to check out what is involved with Feedly, thanks for the tip Sarah.
    I have really enjoyed reading your posts in the challenge Angela.

  10. Hi Angela! 🙂 I’ve visited your blog before – and will now make it a point to visit more often!

    Sarah, I’ve found that for blogs like mine, which are not really niche-based, comments are rather like the lifeblood that holds the community together and keeps up a conversation. The best reward is seeing commenters I’ve known for several years, consistently visiting and never missing a post.

    I use BlogLovin to stay updated on the blogs I follow – the daily digest is ideal. Also – Facebook group are a boon to keep track via the sharing threads we maintain.

    Thank you Sarah.
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Are You A Digital Parent?My Profile

  11. Sarah, Is there anything you DON’T know about blogging?!

    I had a random system that was never going to work.

    Have now downloaded Feedly to my iMac and also both iPhones. Have started earmarking blogs already.

    Fab! Thanks so much. Again.
    Sarah recently posted..Making Crumble – Gluten & Sugar FreeMy Profile

  12. Thanks for the advice Sarah. I’m going to print this off as I have a feeling commenting is far more important that I’ve been giving credit to and , whilst I have been commenting, I want to approach it in a more structured way to gain better insights, expand my own knowledge, and make some valuable connections. This is definitely something I want to mull over!
    Sam Pilling recently posted..Friday Top Tip for Growing your BusinessMy Profile

  13. Hello Sarah, What a great article power packed with helpful information. I have never heard of Feedly and will be heading over to check this out here shortly.

    I have been trying to visit a few blogs first thing each morning and ending my day this way as well and am loving it. I cannot believe the value people give away for free, ( Just Like You)

    Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..Change Your Mindset, Make These 10 Positive Affirmations Your Reality!My Profile

  14. I’m horrible about leaving comments. I usually LOVE what I read but am never quite sure what to say about it. Just saying, ‘great post’ doesn’t seem adequate! Am going to make myself get better at this! THANKS Sarah~

  15. Sarah this is so great. I really need to get better at commenting regularly. I will comment here and there, but I appreciate your no-nonsense advice about just doing it. It’s important, I know it is. I just don’t make it a priority right now. So that will be my new goal – to increase my outreach AND my visibility! Thanks!
    Jessica Aiduk recently posted..The True Story of How My Husband Jinxed Himself into Marrying MeMy Profile

  16. This is something that I had not considered before! Thank-you…I continue to learn

  17. Thanks Sarah for this blog, definitely a blogging habit I need to take up!

  18. This is such great advice. I always feel awkward leaving comments, which is super dumb because I love receiving them and most of the blogs I read excite me in some way. I will have to check out Feedly; I’ve never tried it. And thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding people not to start wars… I, too, make a point to not visit blogs or sites that are always bickering. My time is too precious for that.
    Katrina recently posted..Snack Time: Camembert on BaguetteMy Profile

  19. Thank you for this great advice Sarah, I will check out Feedly for sure and get in to a more consistent habit with commenting. I find it great to build communities this way too, just need to be consistent with it which I haven’t so far.
    Miranda recently posted..Asking for HelpMy Profile

  20. Thanks for this post Sarah. I will look up Feedly and get more involved in commenting.

  21. Thanks for these tips Sarah. I find I am guilty in going in spurts when it comes to commenting. Am regrouping my business for the new year and plan on becoming more consistent with this.

  22. Commenting = community, informative post thank you!

  23. I prefer blog commenting to social commenting because the comment (and conversation) stays with the post. If the conversation happens where it was shared, that conversation gets lost and forgotten by people as soon as other things push it out of view in the feed. If someone only has options to comment via certain platforms or captcha, I often don’t bother (though I might do a social comment). I used to avoid Blogger blogs except all but my favorites because they often used that (although I have noticed lately those have been replaced by a “I’m not a robot” checkbox which is easy enough). In addition to visibility, one of the best things about blog commenting is building relationships. Although many comments are “single serving” interactions, I have a few commenters on my blog whose blog I also comment on and we consider each other friends.
    Amanda P recently posted..A Slice of American-Tasting Pizza in Germany: Pizza AttackMy Profile

  24. Thanks for such useful info Sarah. I had Feedly installed but never really used it. I have been really enjoying commenting since I started this challenge. I used to do it for my cardmaking blog but never actively did it for my biz which is crazy! It’s been lovely building traffic to my site and also interacting with others on theirs 🙂

  25. I agree with the criticize in private but it becomes hard in my case. The reason being there are so many bloggers in the Travel niche that feel the need to write negative posts. I know why they do it. It gets traffic. All I have to do is put up an article with the headline ” Why I think Singapore Sucks” I know I will get lots of traffic and in some cases referred to on several other websites. To me that’s cheap and I don’t do it. As a result I have a hard time commenting on the post without calling them out for what they are doing.
    Bob recently posted..The Ultimate List of Airfare Booking SitesMy Profile

  26. Well, this just fits in with everything else I have learned… There is a lot to do if you want to run a successful blog, so you need to be organized and have a plan of attack. Sites like Feedly help with streamlining one’s efforts. Thanks Sarah, once again.
    JELindholm recently posted..Guest Post: The small difference between introverts and extroverts –My Profile

  27. Interactive comments are what really make a blog great. The late blogger known as Ozarque did wonderful, quirky posts, but what’s kept me reading her blog even after she’s gone is the endless web of almost equally wonderful, informative, entertaining links and comments people posted below Ozarque’s thought-for-the-day.
    Priscilla King recently posted..GreetingsMy Profile

  28. I learned long ago in teaching that praising in public and punishing in private in brought way more results than doing those things the other way round. There are some blogs that when i read the comments sound like the commenter is trying to start a old time flame war.
    I have even seen comments where the person is trying to correct the blogger’s grammar or argues with their word choice. I suppose in an effort to make themselves seem smart, but they really just come off looking mean.
    Michael Shook recently posted..Cure For The Busy DiseaseMy Profile

  29. Sarah,

    Thanks for this article. I use Feedly, but I use it to find content to schedule and share, but it has never occurred to me before to comment on the article since I have already decided to share it.
    Avil Beckford recently posted..The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick, Book ReviewMy Profile

  30. thank you, Sarah. I do comment whenever possible, be it on G+, facebook or on other websites/blogs. keeping the number to 10 per week sounds do-able! I have added comment luv recently too going by your advice on one of the task emails! Nearly half my day gets taken up in responding to comments. This leaves me wondering as to how to streamline my dedicated comment timing….
    Anupama recently posted..Tofu Sprouts Rice – Chilli Tofu – Sweetcorn Tofu CroquettesMy Profile

  31. Hi Sarah, thanks for article. As always lots of information and techniques are passed to us. I haven’t really explored feeds. I’ve got RSS feeds and I read that it was best to turn that off; so I did. I’ll check out the Feedly one.
    I’ve seen a lot of puffy, puffy stuff going on in the forums. There was a comment on Linkedin where a writer was openly challenged about grammar by an editor. I though it was totally unnecessary and there’s too many people trying to nail their flag to someone else’s pole. Marketing is marketing and often is a win, win but to put others down in order to promote yourself is BAD.

  32. Thats a wealth of info,,thanks a lot Sarah !

  33. I’ve seen it said loads of times that you should comment on other blogs to increase your own traffic, but no-one ever explains it like this. Usually there is some reference to backlinks to your own blog and that’s it. This all makes sense, but there seem to be so many different systems now all competing to manage comments that I’m not sure what is the best way. To be honest, I’m not even sure what I’m using on my blog!
    Susan Wilkinson recently posted..Fitness in Chelmsford – what’s available?My Profile

  34. You are right Susan, I would have never understood how much commenting was until I read this post! I just joined Comment Luv and can not wait for someone to post on my website!! I need to do better with commenting in general and be more specific on what I am commenting about. I always reply to comments left on either my social media or on my website but it needs to be better…. thank you again Sarah!!
    Anna Welliver recently posted..The Best Of Anna’s World Round Up!!My Profile

  35. Getting focused on commenting also allows you to discover other great bloggers out there as you try to find nice content to engage with. I use Bloglovin’ as I like the interface better but I think it’s pretty similar to Feedly. Must admit I should be commenting more on my favourite blogs though. Sometimes it’s quite hard to get readers to comment on yours, even if you ask them to or ask a question to start a conversation going…Very nice article Sarah – thank you.
    nicole recently posted..The Best of Pomegranate This Week 2-7 March 2015My Profile

  36. Wow! Informative indeed. I think I will check out feedly to stay on track. I have been wondering how to do that!
    Do you know if there’s any way to get commentluv for blogger? I tried Intense debate, but found it a bit complicated since I have to moderate comments from there rather than from blogger.
    kimberly recently posted..RECIPE: Quick and easy Tomato-Onion UttapamMy Profile

  37. This idea of commenting seems like a good idea but what about when someone’s blog is in or something other than Is a commenting relationship as good with those that are not part of wordpress?

  38. I have learned so many things already in the 30 blogging challenge, I want to thank you for that. The tip about getting feedly, indeed, makes it easier for me to keep track some interesting blogs that I came across. 🙂
    Andrew Olano recently posted..#HappyHourFridays: Beer Buffet and Pool Party at Diamond Suites and ResidencesMy Profile

  39. I do love commentluv, I think I’ll be checking that out for my site. You do a great job of explaining the differences, and the benefits of commenting depending on the comment set-up. Thanks for the info!
    Jessica recently posted..Top 10 Uses for Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Essential OilMy Profile

  40. Thanks Sarah, I like the point about being positive and making use of lost time by reading and responding to like minded people’s posts.

  41. Thanks for all of this info. I’ve heard about Feedly from a few different sources now so will definitely check it out. I also need to schedule some time to comment more often now that I know how beneficial it is! Thanks again.

  42. Although I do like to comment on posts and try to do it regularly, this post taught me things i didn’t know, such as always commenting on posts by a person in the same field as me, and commenting on at least 10 posts per week. Excellent!
    Eleanor McKenzie recently posted..#SWO 10 Questions You Should Ask Before MarriageMy Profile

  43. Love the suggestions. When I first started my travel blog, I joined Travel Bloggers Mega Share, a group on Facebook, and these people have been inspirational. We all need some comment loving!

  44. Love this post! I’ve been looking for a good way to reach out to some other bloggers.
    Taylor recently posted..How I Overcome Blogger’s BlockMy Profile

  45. Sarah,I have really enjoyed your post. I have not heard of feedly before but I will check it out. I will definitely work on taking the time to comment on other great posts that I read.Thanks,Imgard.

  46. Thank you so much. Sarah. I have been going on to the winning women about comment in on posts and you are giving us the reasons for comment in. This is great . as a Non tecky but an
    Emerging one lol, I am still a bit puzzled about feels. Are you goinginto more details in another blog and would you be my guest blogging with this post in the coming days? Thank you Helene

  47. Thanks Sarah. How timely to read an article on posting comments since today I received a very complimentary comment from a manager at one of the larger art museums in my city on my most recent post. I can’t wait to check out Feedly and Comment Luv to see what they’re all about.

  48. Love getting this info. I’ve started commenting on others blogs & will try to be more insightful.

  49. I do think that social commenting is the big thing now and not as much on blogs.. how can we combat this?
    Flavio Medeiros recently posted..What song to play next?My Profile

  50. I find that blog comments are my second highest source of traffic, so I am still learning a system to start comments ona regular basis.
    Sharon McElwee recently posted..10 Essential Content Marketing Ingredients, Part 8My Profile

  51. Lovely post 🙂 I already figured most of this out and tried to get comments from share groups until I reach more visability, but I am not sure weather I like those, most peoples comments are a bit spammy :/ but I will try out feedly now instead and check out some of the other tools…thank you for hosting this and thanks Sarah 🙂
    Sabine recently posted..Meditation Challenge- 10 weeks to inner peace- WEEK 7&8My Profile

  52. Odd, any account that is linked up with comment love won’t take my website information. I just go ahead and comment and hope it all works out.

  53. This is one of the things I’ve really enjoyed about this challenge – you learn something new everyday. I’ve never heard of the commenting systems or feedly, but all these challenges create a jigsaw which when added, piece by piece, make blogging enjoyable and easier and very worth while.

  54. I try very hard to make sure I comment on blogs when I feel I have something to contribute. I am going to check out feedly as I know I am missing stuff with so many e-mails from different blogs coming in!

  55. Loved how easily understandable your blogs are, Sarah! Thank you for helping us newbies understand all of this.

  56. I have to be very honest, since I have been back at full time work I have barely had the time to write my own blogs let alone read anybody elses. Though I always have time for Trenna Sue! I am going to try from now on, now that I understand the relevence of it. Thank you Sarah as always well explained.

  57. I love to see a conversation developing. As a blogger, you need to set time for comments & build it into your timetable.
    Julia Skinner recently posted..Nutribullet update bonanza!My Profile

  58. I didn’t realize all the information unknown to me. I found commenting to be the very point on how my likes have increased on Facebook. I have discovered new blogs to follow just be reading other comments. Thanks for all this information. It has been a tremendous help.

  59. I do like commenting on other blogs. Great tips. I haven’t tried feedly yet so I will have to have a look at that.
    Bek Dillydrops recently posted..#MySundayPhoto – The SeaMy Profile

  60. Thanks for this. I have also set up Feedly again to see if I can be more disciplined. I read lots of blogs but usually find them via my Twitter Feed when I am supposed to be sleeping! During this challenge I have forced myself to read the blogs of others doing the challenge and have met some great people who do fascinating things.

  61. I didn’t realize how much leaving a comment benefited me. I leave comments regularly to show support for fellow bloggers. Thanks for the info. I am looking into Comment Luv and the Feedly plugin today.

    twitter: SplashofIndigo
    Tammy recently posted..Body ButterMy Profile

  62. I didn’t know there was a such thing as social comments and native comments and what the differences were. That’s interesting.

  63. Great advice, thank you. I had one lady who was quite challenging with her comments on one blog I wrote “Are freebies good for your business”. She eventually inboxed me to apologise. I obviously pressed a button or two! xx

  64. Just the other day I had a question in the 30 Day Blogging Challence group of why I was using Disqus.

    Here’s my answer again: “Disqus works for me, it gives me the ability to keep an eye on the comments anywhere, via email. Just like I can see the discussions and analytics clearly; potentially across multiple domains/sites.”

    I’m not saying it’s better or worse, there’s many different roads to Rome.
    Jeroen Geut recently posted..Creative Accounting – It’s good for businessMy Profile

  65. I really like this idea about targeted commenting. I”ll have to work on my top 15 niche blogs to keep track of. Thanks for posting!

  66. This is all really good information. I have gotten out of the habit of using Feedly, as most of the blogs I follow update on FB, but I will go back to it and see how much impact I notice it making. Question about commenting on FB…should I “like” pages under both my personal name (so it is counted) and my business account (so that comments will come from there?)
    Michelle H recently posted..White Sands National Monument: New Mexico’s White WonderlandMy Profile

  67. Thank you Sarah for this very helpful information. I have just 1 question (and I do hope that you will excuse my ignorance but I am not great with the terminology) but what does ◾Add Feeds to your reader, mean? What are feeds and what is a reader.

  68. Thank you for the information about Feedly. I wondered how I was going to read all the subscribed blogs. Nice to know they are all in one spot.

  69. Excellent advice here.I do some of it but need to do more.I lovd that the group is so diverse and means I get to read blogs that normally I would not x

  70. Hi Sarah
    I usually comment on the blogs that I read – largely because as a Blogger I appreciate when people comment on it. But have never made a system or habit out of it. KNowing the time crunch that I usually have, I will download Feedly on my phone and use it as and when I have small pockets of time. Once again, thanks for this new nugget of information!. This journey has been awesome throughout!

  71. A blog friend recently wrote an interesting post about how people are leaving less comments on her blog and set herself a challenge to post 300 comments in 30 days.
    Some challenge! It was very insightful and left me thoughtful.
    And at that very same time I discovered this challenge. It seemed more fitting with my needs, so here I am, 26 days in!!
    You make some really good points here, some of which are so obvious but I hadn’t seen. So thank you. I have been commenting more since starting this challenge (and would have done anyway because of what I learnt from my friends experience). I have reconnected with people I stopped visiting regularly and gained new regular commenters.
    I have various reasons for leaving comments. Some because I would like to be more visible, but others because we share an interest and have become friends. And I agree, a meaningful comment makes so much difference to how I am left feeling. Some comments make me smile, laugh, feel like I’ve had a warm hug, or thoughtful, or inspired. So much to gain! I need to work on being more efficient with my time and focus.

  72. Oops! New to Twitter and I left the wrote username.

  73. This challenge has been so helpful!!! I have struggled to maintain the daily posting. However, I’m in the process of putting together a 20-Day series that will go on my website. It will include all of Sarah’s tips! =) Thanks for teaching us!

  74. Usually I just comment when I have something eventful to say. But these are some great tips to keep myself up to date and in the loop. Thanks for this!
    Chel recently posted..The Walking Dead Heads UpMy Profile

  75. I have a question.

    If for some reason I move on from CommentLuv (which I do like the way it is laid out!), will those comments stay on my blog? In regards to Feedly and getting started, how do you decide which profile to sign-in with?
    Christi recently posted..Mannheimer WeihnachtsmarktMy Profile

  76. Thanks Sarah thats really interesting – not something I had thought of before. Will def get Feedy on my device and start downloading apt blogs to comment on – great tip!

  77. A useful post for me. Will certainly have a look at feedly. And yes criticism in public is not necessary, as a rule.Not something I would like or would expect to do to others

  78. It’s interesting that commenting and the system we use is useful for different people and the blog itself. I guess this is all part of knowing your target audience & finding a system which works best to build relationships with those potential customers.

  79. Hi Sarah,
    Great blog post as always and very thought-provoking. I like CommentLuv because of the way it picks up your last blog post. I am now off to check out Feedly.

    Thank you.

  80. I did set up my reader in WP, but have to admit that I don’t look at it. much. I do sometimes find commenting on blog posts that are my niche market, uncomfortable, possibly because from my research I could not find a blog like mine for either my country, South Africa, nor ones for England or Australia. The 4 blogs in my niche that I follow are all written for America, and I often feel as if I am commenting for the sake of commenting, because their content on coupons or decluttering or budgeting are not applicable, and then I feel like I am being spammy. I try and comment every day, but I can’t say that I have noticed any increase in traffic since I started this 4 months ago. My blog though is quite new (9 months old).

  81. I’ve not used feedly before but I will vheck it out now! Commenting is so good for networking as well! I love reading other people’s posts but have only been commenting since I’ve been blogging myself. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  82. Thanks for painstakingly sharing your ideas to the benefit of bloggers. I do really like your articles over blogging.

  83. Nice! I admit I have not commented on a lot of blogs…
    Know better, Do better right?
    Here is to an incredible push for the last 5 days!
    Thank you so much.

  84. I agree commenting is a good way to establish more contact with your audience and fellow bloggers. I do notice I’ve a hard time keeping up with commenting on other blogs as well as keeping my social media channels active. Time for me to start scheduling more things. 🙂
    Rachel recently posted..Football (Soccer) Recipes and IdeasMy Profile

  85. Thanks for the tips Sarah. I had heard of Feedly but wasn’t sure how to implement that, so will put that on this weeks to do list. It’s also good to get some suggestions of what to write, I also like your email in the 30 Day Blogginh Challenge about how to structure your comments. I have started to see a lot of negative commenting on LinkedIn and I feel the nature of it is changing. Will be interesting to see how it changes in the next few years and if it just becomes another social media platform rather than business.

  86. cassandra day 26! says

    great networking tip. i’m going to try this out. looking forward to using feedly for managing my subscriptions. feedly works on mobile too or just desktop/laptop/tablet?

  87. Thank you for recommending Feedly. I’m going to sign up as soon as I finish commenting here. No, first I’m going to write today’s post for the 30-Day Challenge. Then I’ll sign up for Feedly!

  88. Hi Sarah,
    Never heard of Feedly, I must download the app as I do most of my comments on my iPad. I do follow the problogger a weekly roundup. I quite enjoy reading them. Thanks for sharing and giving me another tool that I can use.
    Bea recently posted..How to Avoid And Get Rid of Writer’s BlockMy Profile

  89. Thank you for the tip of praising in public and punishing in private.

  90. Since I (re)started your 30 day Blogging Challenge, I’ve blocked out time each day to read other Blogs and to comment.

    However, I hadn’t considered asking a question to start a conversation with the Blogger. I love to natter with other business owners so this tip is great for me.

    Thanks Sarah

  91. I think commenting is a great idea 🙂 I just struggle with getting it all in. The commenting, pinning,sharing etc. I’m like a little turtle. Hopefully, I will get faster with practice.
    Cynthia Devening recently posted..How to Create A Pre-Workout Survival KitMy Profile

  92. Seems commenting is more important than I realised, I thought it was just a way of people getting your email address to inundate me with emails I didn’t want! Must sort out my facebook, twitter and pintrest! Thank you for all the info and insight again.

  93. Excellent information. Rich and thought provoking, helpful in creating a strategy for this process too. Thank you Sarah

  94. I am been struggling to write comments on blogs post, not knowing the right way to do so but this post has actually helped me. Thanks Sarah.

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