Dream vocabulary

Text: Idioms and expressions with the word 'dream'

dream (noun) – things such as thoughts, images, or emotions that you experience in your mind while you are sleeping

♦ Last night I had a strange dream about a parrot called Claude.


dream (noun) a dream is something good that you want to happen very much

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. Martin Luther King 1963


dream (verb) to experience thoughts, images, or emotions in your mind while you are sleeping

♦ I keep dreaming about being lost in a maze of pumpkins.


dream (verb) to imagine something that you would like to happen or achieve.

♦ I dream of going to university.

♦ I dream of being a doctor.

♦ He had always dreamt of climbing Everest.


English idioms and expressions with the word ‘dream’.


A dream come true is something that happens that you have always wanted or hoped for.

♦ Becoming a teacher was a dream come true for me.

♦ Meeting the love of my life was a dream come true.

♦ When I won the lottery it was a dream come true for my family.

♦ We didn’t think we would ever have children. When our daughter was born it was a dream come true.

♦ I’ve got the job! It’s a dream come true. I can hardly believe it.


A dream (something) – something that’s perfect, the best you can possibly imagine

Used before a noun.

For example:

a dream job

a dream house

♦ Nursing is my dream job. I love it. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

♦ She’s planning her dream wedding.

♦ I’ve just bought my dream house.

♦ You three are my dream team.


wouldn’t dream of doing something – something you say to someone to tell them that you would definitely not consider it or think it

♦ Please don’t tell the boss I was an hour late to work this morning.

   Don’t worry. I wouldn’t dream of it.


Sweet dreams – something affectionate you say to someone who is going to sleep, to wish them a peaceful night without bad dreams.

♦ I’m off to bed now.

  OK, sweet dreams.


Dream on! or In your dreams! – we say these expressions to let the person we’re speaking with know that they’re hoping for something impossible.

♦ I’m going to get 100% in this English exam.

   In your dreams!

♦ I’m going to ask Sophia out on a date. I think she’ll say yes this time.

   Dream on!


go like a dream – if something goes like a dream it goes very well or without problems

♦ My exam went like a dream. I answered all the questions and finished ten minutes early.

♦ How did your interview go?

   Like a dream.

♦ His new car goes like a dream.


dream up something (or dream something up) – phrasal verb

If you dream up something you think of a new idea or plan, especially an unusual or imaginitive one.

♦ He’s always dreaming up new inventions. None of them seem to work very well.


Do you have a dream of doing or becoming something?

What’s your dream job?





  1. Hi Angela,

    My dream job is as a Pastoral worker, visiting those who are unwell, grieving etc… to listen and encourage, and just be there for them.
    Anita recently posted..Rest a while you weary soulMy Profile

  2. My Dream did not come true, i dreamed of being a Doctor,
    but some circumstances were not allowing,

    My dream job is Project Manager
    Thanks ANGELA

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