Idiom: blow the cobwebs away

Cobweb. Blow the cobwebs away

To blow the cobwebs away (or clear away the cobwebs) means toget some fresh air and exercise so that you feel refreshed and can think more clearly.


Examples of use:

1. Come on. A nice brisk walk by the sea will blow the cobwebs away!

2. I went for a run to blow the cobwebs away.

3. ‘I can’t do my English homework. It’s too difficult and I’m tired.’

    ‘Why don’t you go for a walk in the park to blow the cobwebs away? It might help you think more clearly.’

4. I like walking to work. It’s a good way to blow away the cobwebs before I’m stuck in my office all day.

5. We went for a hike on the moors to blow away the cobwebs.


Have you heard this English idiom before?

What do you do to blow away the cobwebs?



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