Phrasal verb: bend over backwards

man bending over backwardsTo bend over backwards is to make a special effort for someone or something.

Informal English.


Example sentences

1. She bent over backwards to give the children a good Christmas.

2. We bent over backwards to help him when he lost his job.

3. He bent over backwards for his son, but never had a word of thanks.

4. They bend over backwards for their elderly parents.

5. I bend over backwards not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

6. We bend over backwards to please our customers.

7. The thing we love most about our village is that everyone here bends over backwards to help others.

8. We bent over backwards to get the project finished by the deadline.


infinitive bend over backwards
present simple bend over backwards and bends over backwards
-ing form bending over backwards
past simple bent over backwards
past participle bent over backwards


Do you know someone who bends over backwards to help other people?


photo credit: Internet Archive Book Images via photopin cc

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