Phrasal verb: settle up

Phrasal verb: settle up

To settle up is to pay someone money that you owe them.

This phrasal verb is often followed by ‘with’.


Examples of use:

1. Can I settle up when I get paid?

2. You go and wait for the taxi and I’ll settle up with the waiter.

3. He owes us £50 for the tickets. He said he’ll settle up with us when he sees us next week.

4. You’ll have to settle up before we can take any new orders.

5. We think she owes us £20 but she said she settled up with us weeks ago.


infinitive settle up
present simple settle up and settles up
-ing form settling up
past simple settled up
past participle settled up


A good way to practise your English is to write some of your own sentences using this phrasal verb.

Think about how you could use this expression in your daily life.

And let me know if you have any questions :-)


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