Phrasal verb: soup up

old car and caravan


To soup up something (or soup something up) is to change something, especially an engine or car, to make it more powerful; or to make something more interesting, attractive or appealing.

If something is souped-up (adjective) it has been made more powerful or more attractive.

Informal English.


Example sentences:

1. He’s driving round in a souped-up Skoda.

2. We’re going to soup up our old caravan and drive it across Europe.

3. His hobby is souping up old cars and racing them.

4. There were twenty souped-up cars at the rally.

5. Top ten ways to soup up a car.

6. Recommendations for souping up your LinkedIn profile.


infinitive soup up
present simple soup up and soups
-ing form souping up
past simple souped up
past participle souped up


Have you heard this phrasal verb before?

Have you seen any souped-up cars or trucks?



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