Pronunciation resources for learning English

Pronunciation resources for learning English

English is spoken in more than 60 countries and it’s estimated that it’s used by more than 1 billion people.

There are many varieties, accents and dialects of English, and learners generally learn to speak it in the accent in which they’re taught, or in the particular accent they prefer.

I asked readers on another of my sites this question:

British English (Received Pronunciation) and General American English accents can be understood by all English speakers – which one do you prefer to learn?

The poll results were 68% for British English, and 32% for American English.

These results surprised me a little because I think I’d expected the majority of people to vote for American English. What do you think? Which accent do you prefer to learn?

In my opinion no English accent is any more important than any other: what’s important is that you can communicate clearly. And very few of us adults learn to speak a second or third language like a native anyway – we nearly always speak with at least a hint of our own native language 🙂

Here’s my list of some of the sites offering mostly free or low-cost pronunciation resources for learning English. They include some excellent audio and video resources that will help you speak English more clearly.

It’s a public list so if you have a favourite site that’s not yet included, please add it 🙂

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