Idiom: budding

A budding writer, politician, genius, artist etc. is one who is just beginning to develop, and who is showing signs of great potential and success. For example: A budding genius is a child who appears to be very intelligent. A budding artist is someone who is just starting to develop as an artist and who […]

Idiom: turn over a new leaf

To turn over a new leaf is to make a fresh start; to start a new phase in your life. Someone who turns over a new leaf becomes a better person, or starts a healthier way of life etc.   Examples of use: 1. She’s turned over a new leaf since she left prison. 2. […]

Idiom: bear fruit

If something bears fruit, it produces successful or positive results.   Examples of use: 1. Your dedication to your English studies will bear fruit in the future. 2. Four years of training bore fruit when she won an Olympic gold medal. 3. We hope that in the coming months our new plans for the business […]

Idiom: flowery speech

Flowery speech (or writing) is full of elaborate language (complicated or literary words and expressions). It is the opposite of speech (or writing) that uses clear and simple language.   Examples of use: 1. He was famous for his flamboyant clothes and flowery speech. 2. Don’t use flowery speech for reports and official letters. 3. […]