Benefits of learning languages

Being able to speak more than one language has many benefits.

It can improve your career prospects and increase your knowledge of other cultures; and itโ€™s also said to improve your academic and multi-tasking skills.

And according to this interesting research from Kaplan, bilingual people are sexy ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you agree?

How many languages can you speak?

Which languages would you like to be able to learn?


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Angela Boothroyd

Angela Boothroyd

Freelance writer, English language teacher, at Botanical Linguist
Hi, I'm Angela, the creator of the Botanical Linguist site. I'm a freelance writer, linguist, and qualified English language teacher. I specialize in writing online course content, and blog posts and articles about business, education, and the English language. Iโ€™m also a writing coach for non-native users of English who want to blog better in English.
Angela Boothroyd
Angela Boothroyd

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