Phrasal verb: put across

 He didn't put himself across very well in his lecture. He kept going around in circles.

He didn’t put himself across very well in his lecture. He kept going around in circles.


To put across something (or put something across) is to explain or express something clearly and effectively so that people can understand it easily.


Examples of use:

1. I find it difficult to put across my ideas during meetings at work.

2. Our English teacher always puts things across well.

3. The politician didn’t put across his ideas for change very well.

4. I’m not sure I understand the viewpoint you’re trying to put across.

5. They use art and music to put across their thoughts and opinions on contemporary problems in society.

6. She has some interesting ideas and she puts them across well.


If you put yourself across well, you express your opinions and ideas clearly

Have I put myself across well in this post? 😉


Do you have any questions about this phrasal verb?

A good way to practise your English is to write some of your own sentences using the phrasal verb put across.

Think about how you could use this expression in your daily life.

Do you think you put yourself across well in job interviews?


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