Twitter hashtags for English language learners

twitter hashtags for English learnersA hashtag is # added to a word, with no spaces.

For example:


People use hashtags in their Twitter messages (tweets) to mark keywords or topics and help them show up more easily in Twitter search.

Hashtags are an excellent way to discover opportunities to join conversations with other people learning English and with English teachers. And you’ll also find tweets with English language tips plus lots of links to useful English lessons and resources on other websites.

If you do a search on twitter for the hashtag you’re interested in, or click on the #hashtag word in a tweet, you’ll see other messages/tweets with those keywords.

The image below shows a Twitter search for #twinglish (a Twitter hashtag for English language learners)…

Twitter hashtags for English language learners


The most useful hashtags for English learners are:

#grammar – you’ll sometimes find punctuation and spelling tips here as well as grammar

#twinglish – this hashtag is especially for learners of English

#eap – English for Academic Purposes

#IELTS (or #ielts) – International Language Testing System

#TOEFL (or #toefl) – Test of English as a Foreign Language

#TOEIC (or #toeic) – Test of English for International Communication

#ell – English language learning

#esl – English as a second language

#esol – English as a second or other language

#eal – English as an additional language

#efl – English as a foreign language


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If you have a Twitter account, have you tried using it for improving your English?


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