Idiom: budding


A budding writer, politician, genius, artist etc. is one who is just beginning to develop, and who is showing signs of great potential and success.

For example:

A budding genius is a child who appears to be very intelligent.

A budding artist is someone who is just starting to develop as an artist and who is showing signs of talent and future success


Examples of use:

1. My daughter is a budding writer.

2. Venice is full of budding artists.

3. Paintings and crafts by local budding artists will be on show in the gallery.

4. When he was only six years old his teachers realized he was a budding genius.

5. She’s a budding musician.

6. News item: Budding politician Jessica Cook, has recently returned from her trip to Sydney for the 2012 Youth Parliament.


Image © Horia Varlan


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